VHF Helical Whip Antenna, 126–174 MHz

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The Motorola Solutions Helical VHF whip antenna (NAR6593) is a 136-174 MHz designed for APX portable radios. It integrates with GPS and has an optimum length designed for higher gain to maximize range.

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The Helical VHF whip antenna (NAR6593) 126–174 MHz is compatible with APX radios. Designed for the 136-174 frequency band, if you're looking to use GPS capabilities with your APX two-way radio, then this is a great accessory to have. Built for tough work environments, just like the APX series, this antenna integrates GPS use and is at a great length to achieve higher gain, better coverage and range. Compatible with two-way radios from the APX series.

Compatible devices

  • APX 1000
  • APX 2000
  • APX 3000
  • APX 4000
  • APX4000XH
  • APX 4000
  • APX5000
  • APX6000
  • APX6000 LI
  • APX6000/LI/XE
  • SRX 2200
Dimensions (inches)8 H x 0.5 L ( 203.20mm x 12.70mm )