IMPRES™ Over-the-Ear Two-Wire Surveillance Kit, Black

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Compatible with APX radios, this APX surveillance kit is an IMPRES 2-wire surveillance kit with a programmable button. Color: black.

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Black, 2-Wire surveillance kit with the ear hanger earpiece located on one wire and the microphone and push-to-talk button on the second wire. The state-of-the-art Motorola Solutions IMPRES technology provides adaptive audio, for clear commmunication whether you are working in a loud or quiet environment. Ideal for overt operations, personnel can fasten the microphone to their uniform where it's easily accessible. Or, they can hold it directly in front of the mouth while speaking into it, which is especially beneficial when speaking in a low voice.

Compatible devices

  • APX 2000
  • APX5000
  • DGP4100
  • DGP5050E
  • DGP5550E
  • DGP6100
  • DGP8550E
  • DP3000
  • DP4400
  • DP4400E
  • DP4401
  • DP4401E
  • DP4401ESMA
  • DP4600
  • DP4600E
  • DP4601
  • DP4601E
  • DP4800
  • DP4800E
  • DP4801
  • DP4801E
  • DP4801ESMA
  • XPR6100
  • XPR6350
  • XPR6380
  • XPR6550
  • XPR6580
  • XPR7350
  • XPR7350E
  • XPR7380
  • XPR7380E
  • XPR7550
  • XPR7550E
  • XPR7580
  • XPR7580E
Dimensions (inches)2.25 H x 0.75 W x 1.25 L ( 57.15mm x 19.05mm x 31.75mm )