IMPRES™ 2, Li-Ion, 3200mAh, IP68, UL Battery

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The TIA4950 battery is certified as intrinsically safe. Equipped with our Self Calibration feature which allows you to quickly charge the battery without long hours of calibration or reconditioning every month.

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Our Self Calibration feature is activated when the battery is charged and maintained with an IMPRES 2, Single-Unit Fast Charger (SW ver V2.03 and above) and IMPRES 2 Multi-Unit Fast Charger (SW ver V2.03 and above) listed in radio’s Authorized Accessories List. This IMPRES 2, Li-Ion, 3200mAh battery is designed to maximize talk time and optimize the battery life cycle (up to 60% longer than a standard battery) with our trusted IMPRES 2 chargers. For more information on which accessories are approved by Underwriters’ Laboratory (UL) with certain APX models, review the manual provided with each UL approved APX portable.