All-Band Multiplexer

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This is a Band Antenna Multiplexer. You'll need this kit if you want to run your own antennas for the VHF, UHF, and 7/800 frequency ranges.

Unit1 EA

This All Band Antenna Multiplexer (EQ000103A02) is compatible with APX 850. This antenna multiplexer is designed for vehicles and to support HP. An excellent product to use with a multi-band antenna to feed up to three single-band radios.

Compatible devices

  • APX 1500 Enhanced
  • APX 2500 Enhanced
  • APX 4500 Enhanced
  • APX™ 4500 Enhanced
  • APX 8500
Dimensions (inches)4.5 H x 2.63 W x 2.5 L ( 114.30mm x 66.80mm x 63.50mm )