3-Wire, IMPRES™ Survelliance Kit, with Audio Translucent Tube

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Discreetly send and receive messages in loud environments. Each wire with a designated purpose, receiving transmissions, connecting to the microphone, and for the programmable button and PTT. Supports loud audio features from the device.

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This 3-wire surveillance kit features a streamlined design with durable, rugged cables that can withstand tough working conditions. You are able to quickly disconnect the durable and comfortable translucent tube, making it easy to share in between shifts. One of the wires is dedicated to receiving communication, another wire is used for the microphone, and the third wire is used to access the Push-To-Talk (PTT) and programmable button. Motorola's state-of-the-art IMPRES™ technology allows communication between the radio and the audio accessory. The result is optimal audio performance, enhanced audio gain capability, and increased customization, assuring the highest quality communication. Take surveillance operations to the next level with surveillance kits that allow you to transmit and receive discreet communications. This earpiece supports the loud audio feature enabled by the device. The speaker is wideband ready to provide better audio quality. The translucent tube is replaceable. The earpiece is UL certified.

Dimensions (inches)14 H x 14 W x 1286 L ( 355.60mm x 355.60mm x 32664.40mm )