1750 mAh Li-Ion Battery

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The PMNN4476A 1750 mah battery IP54 Rating. It's a 1750 mAh Li-Ion battery and replaces the previous standard, PMNN4081AR, and PMNN4081BR.

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The 1750 mah battery IP54 rating (PMNN4476A, previously PMNN4081BR and PMNN4081AR) is compatible with the CP185 radio. This battery is water resistant and can go 11 hours without having to be recharged, even with heavy radio usage.

Compatible devices

  • CP185
  • CP261
  • CP264I
  • DEP250
  • DP540
  • EP350MX
  • XIRC1200
  • XIRC2620
  • XIRC2660
Dimensions (inches)5.75 H x 0.75 W x 2.13 L ( 146.05mm x 19.05mm x 54.10mm )