1/4-Wave Antenna

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The HAE4029A 1/4 Wave Thru-Hole Roof Mount.

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The 1/4 Wave Thru-Hole Roof Mount Mini UHF 806–941 MHz (HAE4029A) with 3 dB gain and integrated GPS is compatible with XPR Series. The signals for these antennas are radiated vertically, making them ideal for urban environments where buildings might obstruct the signal.

Compatible devices

  • DGM8000E
  • DGM8500E
  • XIRM8220
  • XIRM8228
  • XIRM8260
  • XIRM8268
  • XPR4380
  • XPR4580
  • XPR5380
  • XPR5580